Kamerons Shaker

Kamerons Shaker


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C'mon Body Builder Barbies- like Taylor says, lets shake, shake, shake it off!

Reusable 20 oz. Fitness bottle and drink mixer with multiple "smart" compartments.
Features plastic leak proof lid, patented snap-on power mixer, 2 storage compartments at base.
"Smart" compartments may be used to transport and store various things (e.g. protein powder, nutritional supplements. medicine, snacks, coins, condoms) in a single item.
Includes organizer that can be used to divide top storage compartment into 4 sub-sections.
Bottom storage compartment holds approx. 70 grams of powder (2 full scoops of most protein powders).
Includes snap-on power mixer that makes mixing easier and helps prevent caking or build-up in the process.
Each piece includes aluminum carabiner (unattached, ships inside each shaker).
We recommend hand washing to preserve the graphics.

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